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Our Team

We are a team of 5 with multiple resources in accounting, beauty, marketing, manufacturing, financing, legal, and many more corporate services. Let us guide you to America's fastest growing industry!  

Our Company

 HEA Foundation is a consulting firm that specializes in bio-sustainable, eco-conscious, and green related industries. Our incubator model allows us to dig into our resources to offer corporate services for startup and small-to-midsize companies.

Our Mission

 To build the largest millennial business community in the bio-sustainable, energy conservation and green market by acquiring distressed commercial properties to convert into entrepreneur schools. 

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HEA Foundation of Companies, Inc. is a vibrant, privately operated, San Diego-based investment incubator that owns, manages and develops a growing portfolio of startups, small businesses, and retail properties. (Extension #101)


Money management is an essential element when it comes to running an effective business. We host bi-weekly finance courses; stock trading, accounting, cost and pricing analysis, measuring sales projections, and many more. (Extension # 102)

Marketing and Distribution

Have you ever thought about having your own branded product? We have several partners in the manufacturing and private labeling industry that can mass produce green food goods, skincare products, nutritional supplements, beverages, and more. (Extension #103)

Events and Entertainment

We have a full-service promotional event management team that builds successful campaigns for the best brands in the green market. Our event directors will drive measurable results for your brand: traffic, consumer engagement, brand awareness, and much more. (Extension #104)


Our agency partner has strategic concepts for brands, retailers and social media influencers to promote products accurately and beautifully. Influencer marketing is a type of social media engagement that focuses on utilizing models to drive the brand’s message to the larger market. (Extension #105)


We have access to the best corporate attorneys in our niche market; incorporation, trademark, partnership agreements, transfer of equity, going public, 144 stock, and many more. Get the proper business legal counsel in the green industry through our network of attorneys. (Extension #106)

Case Studies

A private labeling company for everything hemp-infused and hemp-made.

A hub for women empowerment and an elite social media engagement agency.

A data collection service and concierge for medical cannabis patients.

A branding, distribution, and supply chain channel in California.

Manufacturing and co-packing facility for consumable food goods.

A premier discount nutritional supplement source for a healthy living lifestyle.

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Our Social Cause

HEA Foundation is a separate entity from the non-profit organization. Hemp Educate America Foundation is the source for interns and volunteers for HEA Foundation's consulting services. A portion of our net income benefits Hemp Educate America Foundation.